Dog Grooming Services

Dog Grooming Services

"A clean dog is a happy dog"

We only use high-quality products and guarantee your dog will be smelling clean and fresh after his/her groom. 
We only treat and groom where we feel confident and may advise you on any condition to consult your vet.

Here at Freshpaws we offer:

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Full Grooms

A full groom includes nail clipping, ear plucking, soothing bath, dry, trim/styled to your requirements. Finished with a gorgeous fragrant spray.
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Brush out and Bath Only

Ideal for in-between grooms, involves soothing bath, dry. Finished with a gorgeous fragrant spray.
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Nail Clipping

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Ear Plucking and Cleansing

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Six-Point Health Check

This includes ears, mouth, eyes, nails, nose and skin.
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Skin and Coat Treatments

Flea treatment, aromatherapy, sensitive skins, dry/brittle coats.
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Deep Cleansing Paw Treatments

These sanitise paws to eliminate bacteria and germs, soften and replenish moisture in the paws, condition and brighten nails.
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Puppy Inductions

Introduction to the salon to familiarise your dog to the bath, dryer and clippers. Plenty of treats and cuddles. All puppies must be under 4 months old and have their vaccination cards completed. 


Do I need to make an appointment? +

Yes, we are an appointment-only salon.

Can I stay with my dog? +

We have previously allowed customers to stay, but this has proved to be a distraction to the dog, which in turn makes grooming difficult. We no longer allow customers to stay, however if for some reason you need to stay, please advise at the time of booking and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Will I be charged extra if my dog is matted? +

Yes, working through matts takes extra time and blunts the blades we use. We will always advise before the groom of the cost. A full shave-off for matted dogs is £20 on top of the groom.

Will my dog be muzzled? +

For the safety of your dog and of staff, we will only use muzzles if your dog shows aggression. If your dog becomes extremely aggressive, we will call you to collect your dog and you will be charged for the full groom whether or not he has been fully groomed.

Can I just have my dog’s nails done? +

Of course, just give us a call and we will give you a time.

My dog hates other dogs, what can I do? +

Please let us know so we can arrange an appointment at a quiet time when no other dogs are around.

I cannot make my appointment, what shall I do? +

We require 24 hours’ notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment. Customers who fail to turn up will not be offered a further appointment until the one they have missed has been paid for.

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